Robert Peston said teachers didn’t do much teaching in lockdown and was schooled into next week

ITV News political editor Robert Peston went viral for reasons he wouldn’t have been hoping for after he had this unusual take about teachers during lockdown.

It’s the third part of this three-part thread about the economy which got him all the attention after he referred to ‘the phenomenon of the government paying teachers for not very much teaching, when lockdown closed schools’.

And anyone who is a teacher, or knows a teacher, or has looked out of the window over the last 15 months or so will know just how off the mark that last ‘phenomenon’ was and people were very happy to let him know.

The always popular Larry the Cat – @Number10cat on Twitter – had some advice.

And Peston later offered up this clarification which was brief and to the point, as usual.

Maybe this would have been better. It would definitely have been quicker.


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Source Twitter @Peston

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