Covidiot of the day

The latest in an occasional series, the judges were unanimous in awarding covidiot of the day to this person.

‘Third time lucky?’ asked markcrorigan69 who shared it on Reddit.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘I’m just fixated on the words, “I survived Covid” which tell me that the poster likely had (or is still having) a difficult time with it …’ MightyCaseyStruckOut

‘Every transmission is an opportunity to generate a new strain that is vaccine resistant and these people out here trying to fill up their punch card like there is a free coffee at the end.’ taxidermylovesong

‘What I’ve told my friends and family about getting vaccinated and still wearing a mask is this: Just because you survived the last time doesn’t mean you go around asking people to shoot you, and just because you have a bulletproof vest on this time also doesn’t mean you go out and ask people to shoot you.’ ThatRealBiggieCheese

‘Like the old timers say, can’t fix stupid.’ WittiestOfNames


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Source Reddit u/markcrorigan69