This epic Battlebots confrontation went viral and got us nostalgic for Robot Wars

This epic confrontation on Battlebots, an American close relative of the original Robot Wars, went viral on Reddit and it’s a fabulously entertaining watch.

It’s enough to get us all nostalgic for Robot Wars. Just not when Jeremy Clarkson was presenting it.

And it prompted many, many comments on Reddit of which these are just a few.

‘Dude got rocked by a weaponized printer.’ confidential56

‘Nobody truly understands printers.’ patchyj

‘Those hammer weapons always seems useless.’ CloudStrifeonmyarm

‘Expected to stay on the vid for 10 seconds… watched the whole dang thing.’ Jneebs

‘I think I regained my virginity watching this video, but it was worth it. Hands down the most epic robot battle I’ve ever seen in one of these things!’ MorrisonsLament


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Source Reddit u/copitamenstrual

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