This elephant using ‘stealth mode’ to avoid an anti-elephant fence went viral because it’s next level stuff

First in an occasional and possibly entirely one-off series, elephant video of the week is surely this one, as shared by WlTCHFINDER-GENERAL over on Reddit.

It’s an elephant cleverly getting past an anti-elephant fence by activating its stealth mode and, well, have a watch for yourself.

Won’t forget that in a hurry.

‘Look at this cutie.’ Honestasks-throwaway

‘Gunna close my doors at night now.. 😶’ p1cwh0r3

‘He’s a stealthefant.’ Sequsi

‘And just in case you were wondering …’

‘Why are anti elephant fences a thing?’ Shmagmyer

‘Because elephant destroy crops. They tried pretty much everything to keep them out of fields, and so far, nothing worked.
Another reason is to keep them restrained into reserves where they are a little more protected from poachers.’ chinchenping


Nothing to see here – just the President of Ireland and an attention-hungry puppy