This cab driver offers passengers a ‘menu’ of 10 different rides and now everyone wants the choice

If only every time you got into a cab you were presented with this choice.

It’s a ‘menu of various types of rides’ offered by this driver, called Cameron by the looks of it, ‘to ensure the best ride possible for you’.

It went viral after it was shared by Redditor PmP_Eaz who said: ‘Welcome to Cameron’s car.’

1. The Awkward Ride – you ignore this menu completely then we sit in silence for the remainder of the ride
2. The Funny Ride – I tell you jokes or embarrassing stories from my life
3. The Silent Ride
4. The Creepy Ride – I don’t say anything but I keep staring at you in the review mirror
5. The Karaoke Ride – We rock out to hits from the 80s, early 2000s or literally whatever you want
6. The Bubbles Ride – We blow bubbles the whole time
7. The Small Talk Ride – We talk about how crazy the weather’s been lately and I ask if you caught the game last night
8. The Therapy Ride – You vent to me about your problem and I listen
9. The Drunk Ride – You throw up in my car
10. The Cliche Ride – You ask my how long I’ve been driving for Lyft

And just a few of the many comments it prompted.

‘I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.’ marioaprooves

‘What’s the difference between 1 and 3?’ Jeffistopheles

‘1 you say nothing, 3 you say something, then nothing for the rest of the ride.’ Political_Ronin

‘Who offers 9 as an option?’ ejpierle

‘I think he needs to include an up charge on that option.’ El-chucho373

‘Why isn’t this in every car? I want a bubble ride.’ BitsyMarble

‘I love this but I can’t wrap my head around how long the paper is. I’ve never seen such a long precut paper and nobody has mentioned it in the comments so now I’m just like where tf is everyone seeing this paper that I in 28 years have never seen.’ MyDude_reddit


This epic tale of public embarrassment is for anyone who’s ever taken a parcel to the post office

Source Reddit u/PmP_Eaz

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