Simply 10 brutally honest wine labels

As the Romans said, “In vino veritas” – in wine, there is truth. Sometimes a little too much truth.

Over on the the all-things-alcohol-related site, VinePair, they’ve taken the truth right out of the wine and written it straight on the label, and it’s a funny, if brutal, collection.

1. No incels here

2. That’s quite a mixer

3. There’s no such thing as leftover wine

4. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

5. You keep my mother out of it

6. Like Jaws, but the danger is a killer hangover

7. Other energy drinks are available

8. Every drink goes well with bitching about work

9. An opinion shared is an opinion halved – or something

10. Wine and Twitter is a dangerous combination

They should always spell it like this – you know it makes sense.


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Source VinePair Sad and Useless Image Apolo Photographer on Unsplash