Simply 13 funny pictures we’ve seen this week

It’s been another long week so what better way to take the edge off than 13 funny pictures that have gone viral on Reddit over the last seven days.

1. ‘My niece drew this at school yesterday.’

(via u/The_Mr_Falls)

2. ‘Welcome to Cameron’s car’

(via u/PmP_Eaz)

3. ‘Mieow Antoinette’

(via Reddit u/artbartram)

4. ‘Scotland don’t fuck around’

(via Reddit u/cappsy04)

5. ‘My cousin got engaged and I just can’t stop thinking about the real star: spaghetti girl’

(via Reddit u/TheJuliettest)

6. ‘Warning: Italians at my local pizzeria’

(via Reddit u/masterparis)

7. ‘Mein lokale ice cream shop has jokes in two languages’

(via Reddit u/SoDakZak)

8. ‘My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one’s not finished’

(via Reddit u/ChronicIdealist)

9. ‘Please, just let me sign in …’

(via Reddit u/Bluehelix)


(via Reddit u/moosedownjacket)

11. ‘I think my insurance application is broken’

(via Reddit u/DunningFreddieKruger)


‘I finally figured out where Tank the cat has been hiding. I only saw him because a bird chirped on tv and he stuck his head up slightly. Who sees him?’

(via Reddit u/Ellekm730)

13 ‘Rare photo of John Travolta wearing a mask in public’

(via u/SilveradoSurfer16)


This dog’s furious stomp off (and comedy stumble) is hilarious and totally adorable

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