This takedown of Fox presenter Tomi Lahren is one for the ages

This takedown of Fox Nation presenter Tomi Lahren has just gone viral on Reddit and it’s one for the ages.

Lahren ‘dressed up’ as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Halloween a couple of years back. And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Former bartender is an insult now?’ HaratoBarato

‘This Tomi Lahren lady is a goldmine for facepalm posts. Does she realize that she is being memed to death?’ StealthyBasterd

‘I do not understand why this whole former bartender is something bad? What a fantastic set of skills to possess lol. Plus she prob made great money doing it. How stupid.’ nbrese

‘Tbh, that looks like a Lauren Boebert cosplay.’ ktulu0

‘It frustrates me to no end how much people make fun of AOC for having a job in college or something. Why are you making fun of that? She just needed money, and she didn’t have a degree yet. Why is that so bad?’ FrostyRose8956

Talking of Tomi Lahren …


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Source Reddit u/__Dawn__Amber__

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