This furious note left at a village library is making everyone’s day better

The Yorkshire village of Cornholme has a little community-run free library where residents can not only borrow items but drop off books that they think others might want to read.

But it’s fair to say that not everyone is happy with the sort of thing that people are bringing along. We know this because they left a note that went wildly viral after it was shared by on Twitter by @JaneSamuels.

“Whoever is placing the copies of pornographic literature in here, stop! Cornholme is a good God-fearing Christian village.

“If this is to your liking may we suggest that you move to the cesspit that is Hebden Bridge.”

We don’t know anything about Cornholme and only a little bit about Hebden Bridge, but now we want to know more, a lot more.

And here are just a few of the many, many things people were saying about it.

And here it is, the ‘cesspit that is Hebden Bridge’.

Just in case anyone in Cornholme (surely everyone) wants to find out what they’re missing …

Was it a joke? Well, maybe.

But we love it either way.


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Source Twitter @JaneSamuels

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