This biker saving a kitten in the middle of the road is a wild ride

This footage from the camera on the helmet of this biker went viral on Reddit because it’s quite the watch.

‘Biker saves a kitten stranded in the middle of the highway,’ said Dev_starr who shared it.

Biker saves a kitten stranded in the middle of the highway from MadeMeSmile

A wild ride! And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Oh dear God, my heart. The kitten looked so scared and relieved at the same time.’ Anxiety_myfriend

‘What a hero! He even immediately stopped for the kitty even though he’s allergic to cats.’ HeioFish

‘I love how when he stops there’s another person who also stopped and is running to help. Two very kind souls.’ Rick3tyCricket

‘I guess Ford Focus man has a pet cat now.’ Hazmater_of_fact


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Source Reddit u/Dev_starr

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