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An American didn’t take this ‘crab cake’ query seriously and got a proper shellacking

In breaking crab cake news, this query about what exactly crab cakes are went viral on Reddit after someone didn’t take it entirely seriously.
‘Condescending Crab Cakes’ said deeba_ who shared it on Reddit.

A proper shellacking (sorry).

Except people were divided whether it’s a takedown or a facepalm.

‘This is awfully sanctimonious. America is not the first food culture to eat fish/savory cake.’ haxmoch

‘Damn Americans and their shuffles deck C R A B C A K E S.’ BellaRosalina93

‘There’s more than one culture that makes savory cakes, you know. Technically crab cakes are more like crab fritters, really, though.’ Katja1236

‘He’s going to be pretty upset when he finds out about urinal cakes.’ rampant


Source Reddit u/deeba_ Image Pixabay

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