‘Just discovered the best accidental Partridge in history’

We’ve featured no end of ‘accidental Partridge’ moments on these pages, when TV presenters and the like accidentally channel their inner Alan Partridge, but they might not come any better than this.

It’s Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz talking to Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel and it’s 12 seconds very well spent, shared by @adam_major1 on Twitter.

Simply peerless.

Ted is by all accounts a bit of a national treasure and people thought it surely had to be deliberate.

Either way, we love it. And just in case you were wondering where the conversation went after that, here’s what happened next.

And what Ted himself had to say about it.

If it IS the best accidental Partridge of all time, this is surely a close second.

Lots more accidental Partridge at @AccidentalP on Twitter.


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Source Twitter @adam_major1

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