Comeback of the day

‘Easiest 40 mil ever. You homochondriacs are missing out,’ said darkizzle who shared this exchange over on Reddit.

Comeback of the day (and probably the week).

And here are just two of the things people said about it (one short, one rather longer).

‘Homochondraics is the meta term now’ Crab Rave

‘I have a story regarding hugs between men. I’m in the armed forces of my nation, and my old regiment consists of rangers and paratroopers. Intelligence gathering deep behind enemy lines, selfsufficient, heavily focused on survival and a hard workday.

‘We got sent to Africa with the UN. Peacekeeping. Shit was rough sometimes, even if you train hard, and are good at it, and look like a monster; real lofe firefights aint all that fun with screams, blood and shit. (Geez who couldve guessed.)

‘Here we are, 30 heavy-built guys, trained for combat and accustomed to seeing it. Everyone straight (not that it wouldve mattered – a competent uniform is a competent uniform).

‘What did we do to make every day just a little bit better? We hugged.

‘Long hugs, every day possible we’d hug in our “office”-tent. Saw 2 guys hugging? Shit, you walked up and placed your arms around them. Living human beings needing, and providing, the basic and simple physical contact that made you feel like you dropped several hundred pounds of stones from your stomach and slowed your pulse down from heart-attack to idle.

‘Hugs are fucking awesome. They provide strength, comfort, warmth, companionship and they nurture you.
Doesnt matter what gender, race, sexual orientation or religion is behind the hug – a regular good ol’ hug and an exhale is a big high.

‘Would I be willing to perform the hug in the OP for 40mil? Aye. 20 USD? You bet. For free? Heck yeah man, and I’d enjoy every second of it. Id turn those moments into Huggadise.’


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Source Reddit u/darkizzle

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