Greta Thunberg’s updated Twitter bio expertly trolls Boris Johnson and wins the internet

One of the highlights of Earth Day was seeing Greta Thunberg tell the US lawmakers of the House Oversight Committee that they needed to pack in their nonsense – to paraphrase.

Here’s what she actually said.

There’s a longer version here that’s well worth the four and a half minutes it takes to watch.

The UN Women summed it up rather well.

Boris Johnson’s contribution to Earth Day was, predictably, less impressive.

The weird bunny comment got Twitter’s attention.

But the best reaction came from Greta, and it was the perfect own.

People loved the subtle burn, as you can see from these reactions.

But it wasn’t the first time Greta’s bio has won the internet …

When Priti Patel’s Policing Bill made it possible to arrest protesters for causing the troublingly vague “serious annoyance or serious inconvenience”, Greta did this.

When Donald Trump said she needed to work on her anger management, she took that on board.

And in a hilarious non-political reaction, she turned actor Amanda Henderson’s embarrassing Mastermind answer into high art.

And, because there’s never a bad time to rewatch it – here’s the moment in question.


A climate-change denier tried to own Greta Thunberg but it totally backfired

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