This son’s blistering takedown of his anti-vaxxer mum has the perfect payoff

We’ve featured no end of anti-vaxxer takedowns in the past, but not many of them are quite so blistering as this, nor as heartfelt.

Because the response came from a son frustrated at the anti-vaxxer nonsense being posted on his Facebook by his mum.

It’s quite the read, shared by toro1569 who said: ‘In broad daylight, by her own son! I’d like to report an anti-vaxxer murder.’

And just three of the comments it prompted.

‘I like how you can see him progressively lose control over the course of the reply. Started with respect, and slowly annihilated her in the rest.’ Caffeine-_-

“I’m supposed to be the family’s embarrassment, not you” What an end for this perfect statement.’ AlfredvonDrachstedt

That last bit at the end was like lighting yourself on fire to hug someone to death.’ Venrexx


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Source Reddit u/toro1569 Image Pexels

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