This person playing fetch with the dog next door is just awesome

This is very funny and totally adorable, a video of someone playing fetch with the dog next door and we can’t get enough of it, frankly.

Fabulous! And here’s just a little bit of the love people were giving it on Reddit.

‘I don’t know who is getting more out of this, lol. It’s a win win!’ Zak9Attack

‘I need a new neighbour… one like this would be great …’ njsisme

‘lol the dog probably doesn’t even like playing he’s just playing because he thinks the guy likes it.’ attaxo

‘All fun and games unitil you hit your neighbour in the head.’ VonDinky

‘Or you throw it out of their yard, wondering why the ball never comes back.’ SirensHeir16


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Source Reddit u/mh_envy Gfycat

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