M&S goes toe to toe to toe to toe with Aldi in the battle of the caterpillar cakes

Forget Dyson Vs Hoover. Forget Apple Vs Ericsson. You can even forget Kramer Vs Kramer – okay, I threw that in to see if you were paying attention – because the only legal battle that matters is …Colin the Caterpillar Vs Cuthbert the Caterpillar.

We were astonished to learn that Colin the Caterpillar is 30 years old – which suggests he’s going to be one behemoth of a butterfly when he eventually transforms – and M&S has trademarked aspects of the cake, which they feel are being infringed upon by Cuthbert.

Naturally, such a heavyweight battle was always going to catch the eye of tweeters, who reacted accordingly.

They recognised the magnitude of the case.

Some mused on the ‘whys’.

Others on the ‘hows’.

There was confusion over why Aldi had drawn the short straw, given that every major supermarket has its own caterpillar cake.

It’s clearly made for TV.

Writer Mollie Goodfellow gave her verdict on which brand really has the upper hand.

We have no idea which way the court case might go – but Aldi has already won the social media battle.

from Brooklyn Nine Nine GIFs via Gfycat


There are at least two things wrong with this 2kg Colin the Caterpillar cake

Source BBC Image M&S, ED

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