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This anti-vaxxer’s health tip wasn’t the zinger they thought

If there’s one thing we can be sure of about internet anti-vaxxers, it’s that they love to give advice – it’s bad advice, but it’s still advice.

One anti-vaxxer took to Facebook to solve Covid-19, presumably based on their PhD in epidemiology, or perhaps *checks notes* three hours of watching YouTube videos that ‘the doctors don’t want you to see’.

We’ve all seen this kind of stuff before, and the person who responded had obviously had enough.

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Totally agree. A slightly sore arm is worse than dying a slow, painful death. I mean really….who wants to be inconvenienced for a few hours when the sweet release of death is as simple as avoiding all medical science and logic?


Why do some people take a finding about how going to an extreme is bad (overuse of disinfectants is bad in the home and in hospitals, for various reasons) and go to the polar opposite as the solution (no disinfectants anywhere!)?

It’s like finding out that you can get water intoxication and die from drinking too much water (which is a real thing, but you have to drink a LOT of water for that) and deciding that the solution is to drink as little fluid as possible without quite dying.


There will always be people who long for the good old days where people would name their newborns after their other children who sadly died of diseases we now immunize against.


I mean vaccines help keep your immune system good by introducing it to potentially harmful viruses so they’re not completely wrong!


All anti-vaxxers pretend to be educated. Or will pull out their irrelevant qualification as if it makes any difference to the level of stupidity they’re showing.

A Reddit user named u/dauntingsauce jokingly applied a little anti-vaxxer logic.

“pfft, i don’t know a SINGLE person who died of smallpox!”


An anti-vaxxer took issue with this bridge analogy and the comeback was brutal

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