This bridezilla put an outrageous ‘minimum spend’ on her gift list and got the responses she deserved

In the latest of an occasional series, bridezilla of the week goes to this bride-to-be (and her partner) who shared their gift list on Facebook with a strict minimum spend attached.

And not just any minimum spend, it turned out. Have a look at this posted by DexOrangeCounty on Reddit and highlighted by the good people of BoredPanda.

And these responses were very funny and entirely appropriate.

‘”anything related to the car …” You heard the lady! Go get her a lovely 99 cent air freshener!’ Machaeon

‘Interesting all the gifts are about her (clothes, purses). Who buys someone a purse for their wedding gift?
I’m gonna go ahead and spend $400 on a divorce lawyer as that should cover the groom’s first hour with him. Anyone want to pitch in?’ Fnshow316

‘I would donate money to any guest of this wedding to go with a $20 gift card and record what happens. The world needs to know.’ wheresmychairwhat

“I’ll accept slightly lower amounts as long as you tell me first”. Lol. I’m imagining her throwing $300 gift cards back at people, screaming they need to add an additional $100.’ Linuxbrandon


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Source Reddit u/DexOrangeCounty H/T BoredPanda

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