These ducklings taking their first jump went wildly viral and it’s this week’s cutest thing

And the winner of ‘awww of the week’ goes to this video of ducklings taking their first jump which has been viewed gazillions of times on Imgur because, well, watch.

(People were partcularly impressed by the last one’s backflip).


The video went viral on Twitter and Reddit and pretty much everywhere else. Here are our favourite comments.

‘Jeez, mom had to pick the high board for the first jump.’ HuckleCat100K

‘After their mother jumped, kids be like: you first, no you first, no you first.’ Necessary-Emotion-55

‘They were almost pushing the first duck off and they were like “not yet, not yet… ok”.

‘Weeeeeeeeee…. Weeeeeeeee… That’s all I hear in my head.’ Puppy69us

‘They’re also super buoyant because their feathers & bones are hollow. If you notice they bounce up to the surface like a beach ball.’ JTKDO

‘Last one did a back-flip like a real show-off, what a dick.’ rocklobster8818

‘You spelled duck wrong.’ notlikeontv


Source Imgur Twitter @fred035schultz

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