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Hopefully the most petty, racist review you’ll see today – or ever

On Reddit’s r/FuckYouKaren forum – which requires no additional information, u/Ryanthehood shared a one-star review he saw on Target’s website.

This was the product.

Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but perfectly acceptable, right?

Not for this woman –

‘I am actually over the “representation”! You can take your overweight and overly ethnic mermaids and shove it. I’ll take my business and spend triple to Pottery Barn who actually has some taste on “representation”.

Done with you Target. Looks like your really catering to those stimulus checks. Well when those end good luck, your not getting my business anymore.’

Don’t you hate it when you get so lost in your own racism that you forget how grammar works?

In case you were wondering, the review is still up – and one person has found it helpful.

Sadly, Target doesn’t allow responses to reviews, but Pissed Mom’s offensive comments got plenty of reactions on Reddit.

We suspect the review may not last very long.

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