Worst tackle ever? You won’t see a more professional ‘professional foul’ than this one

The Northern Ireland women’s football team made history last night by beating Ukraine to qualify for the Euro 2022 finals, the nation’s first ever participation in a major finals tournament.

But apart from the result, obviously, there was one other major talking point from the game, the most professional ‘professional foul’ you’ll surely ever see.

Not just professional but extraordinary. It went viral after it was shared on Twitter by @meandmybigmouth and, well, just have a watch of it for yourself.

Us neither.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it as they tried to make sense of what the hell they had just watched.

Final words to @meandmybigmouth who posted the original tweet.


This has been declared the worst 20 seconds of football ever played, and it’s hard to disagree

Source Twitter @meandmybigmouth

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