This deeply serious take on the FBI’s Prince Andrew ‘reply’ made it even better

If you don’t already follow Nick Harvey – @mrnickharvey – on Twitter then you really should. He makes lots of fabulous music for TV and is generally an all-round ray of light in these uncertain times.

We mention Nick after this FBI ‘reply’ appeared to Sky News footage of Prince Andrew talking to the media after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

It wasn’t really the FBI – you probably worked that out for yourself – it was Nick.

But some people took it very seriously indeed. Like this investigation by fact-checking service Snopes, for instance, as Nick later shared on Twitter.

And here’s the investigation in full.

Fact-checking is ever more important these days and Snopes does a fabulous job no doubt, but this particular investigation may have been just a tiny little bit over done.

Just in case you were still in any doubt.

This person said it best.

And this!

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