Brazilian football star Marcelo doing the ‘bin challenge’ with these kids is next-level stuff

Very possibly it’s just because of lockdown and all that, but there was something about this video of Brazilian football star Marcelo doing the ‘bin challenge’ with children from his son’s school that got us all emotional.

The video is from a little while ago but it’s just gone viral on Reddit and this is why.

Marcelo visited his son’s school and did the bin challenge with the kids from r/nextfuckinglevel

Absolutely wonderful.

‘I’m a cynical piece of shit…and I smiled. Well done.’ InglouriousBrad

‘I don’t know anything about this guy or soccer/football/whatever, but I know awesomeness when I see it.’ paper_snow

‘Once he has to use his feet.. “fine you little pieces of shit, I’ll just carry all of us!!” Subject-Ad-3585

‘The whole thing was some heartwarming though. I wonder how many takes they did.’ phlux

‘Probably just one bc the adult is a professional player and also, Brazil.’ galmenz

And then his son did the challenge with Marcelo’s Real Madrid teammates.


Source Reddit u/stoticpython

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