This mum turned her husband’s childbirth comments into ‘inspirational’ posters – and they’re simply glorious

The jury is quite simply not out on who’s doing the heavy lifting during labour and childbirth, but one mum at least had her husband’s comments to raise her spirits.

Happily, Jessica Bryce Perez very generously shared her favourites – as fake inspirational quotes.

She wrote:

“Kent. You’re the wind beneath my wings 💪🏻🦅✌🏻👏🏻 your strength gives me strength.”

And this is how Kent supported his wife through one of the most painful experiences a body can go through.

It’s lucky for him – and us – that she was able to laugh about it. There was even a part two.

They’ve clearly both had time to recover from the experience, because this is how their four children look now.

We’ll leave the last words to Jessica.

‘4 kids. 4 deliveries. He never learned.’


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Source Jessica Bryce Perez H/T Indy100 Image Screengrab

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