KFC only follow 11 people on Twitter and Richard Osman sent the gag viral all over again

The KFC account on Twitter does something rather marvellous with the handful of people it follows and while many of you might already be familiar with it, it’s a gag with no best before date.

The great Richard Osman sent it viral all over again after watching Channel 4 show, Snackmasters.

It might be more fun if you click through to @kfc for yourself, but to save you the bother here’s a screenshot we prepared earlier.

Finger licking good?

All this KFC business reminded us of this fabulous takedown of a woman who complained about its lack of meat free alternatives.

And this, a memorable misunderstanding about the KFC logo shared on Twitter.

That’s probably enough KFC for now.


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Source @kfc H/T @richardosman

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