Simply a perfect takedown of this sexist dinosaur who can’t believe women like sport

You don’t have to like baseball to enjoy this, a rather fabulous takedown of this sexist dinosaur whose views on women and sport belong not just in the last century but several before that.

‘I gotta find a girl like this!’ said Iangator who shared the exchange over on Reddit.


‘What kind of asshole does this??? If someone you’re into shares your interest, EMBRACE IT! Don’t make themprove themselves to you. It doesn’t make you interesting.’ Ornage_crush

‘Honestly, what is the point of gatekeeping any hobby or interest? Especially something as big/common as major league sports.’ whadduppeaches

‘Insecurity.’ Hexenhut

And this little exchange among the responses was next level too.

‘Oh so you’re a woman? Name every woman.’ funky555

‘Chaka Khan.’ SarcasmCupcakes


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Source Reddit u/Iangator Image Pixabay

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