This Leave.EU tweet about the effect of Brexit on Brits in Spain has aged really badly

As new rules for UK passport holders living in Spain kick in, many of them are realising that their dream of a warm and sunny retirement has come to an end.

The British ‘ex-pat’* crowd are only allowed to remain if they register and have an income of at least £21,000 per year, making it highly unlikely that a large number of those living on, or hoping to live on, a pension will make the cut.


Although it has to be stressed that not all Spain-dwelling Brits voted for Brexit, sympathy was at a low ebb.

With the new developments well and truly throwing a spanner into the works, writer, Otto English, reminded Leave.EU of their previous proclamation on Brits in Spain – and it was a bit awkward.

To put it another way …

One tweeter had a final tongue-in-cheek blow.

The irony.


There’s not much sympathy for the ex-pat Brexiters losing access to British TV

Source Otto English Image Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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