How to ruin a date in 5 seconds – 14 best (or worst) suggestions

The UK’s restaurants and cinemas will soon be open again, paving the way for people to resume dating – if they dare.

Over on the r/AskReddit forum, u/Itz_Syth had a date-related question, and it wasn’t about good ice-breakers.

You have five seconds to ruin a date, what do you do?

Reddit users stepped up to the plate, so we gathered some of the more printable suggestions.

1. Feign a bout of Covid

2. Real-time social media stalking

3. Straight in with the bodyshaming

4. Live-action cold calling

5. Would also unmask closet Trump fans

6. Alright, Oedipus!

7. Unacceptable table manners

8. Nobody likes a scene

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