This botched attempt at DIY is pure slapstick – and viral

When the husband of TikToker AbbyCU03 attempted to repair their porch decking, the result could have come straight from a Buster Keaton film – or a cartoon.

Either way, it was comedy gold.


When your husband tries to fix things he shouldn’t ##keepyourdayjob ##husbands

♬ Oh No, Oh No, Oh No No No Song – Tiktok Remix – Tik tok

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

What a complete plank!

After three days, the clip has almost three million views on TikTok alone, although it’s appeared on numerous other platform – including, inevitably, Twitter.

Here are a few things tweeters had to say about it.

There was also this.

That’s what happens when you get decked.


DIY fail of the week

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