The blistering takedown of this weight loss ‘advice’ is simply delicious

This weight loss advice ‘from one girl to another’ wasn’t just unwanted, it was downright rude.

It starts off nicely enough, as you’re about to see, before getting deeply unnecessary. And the blistering response was simply delicious.

‘You do mine and I’ll do yours,’ said beerbellybegone who shared it over on Reddit.

Never mind – getting brutally owned ‘happens to the best of us’, right?

And just a few of the comments it prompted from fellow Redditors.

‘Doesn’t have time to go to the gym, but can give advice to other people on how to lose weight. Okay.’ GingerFly

‘Because the advice is buy this powder “cleanse” shake mix from “my” online store that is really just a pyramid scheme that I prop up with a basement full of product.’ NeuroG

‘She needs to understand that if she wants to be successful with spam DMs she needs to increase her emoji rate by at least 500%.’ MiztaNiceGuy

‘”How rude!” Is she fucking serious? Didn’t she read her own words?’ marie-llama

‘I wouldn’t look into it too much. People like this don’t have a brain.’ SL33MANS


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone

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