23 times people forgot something and really regretted it

One of the many joys of getting on a bit is that it seems to get harder to remember stuff.

Mostly it’s just where you left your glasses, or the remote control, or your wallet, or your phone.

These 23 times people forgot something are of a slightly different scale, many of them featuring in the subReddit ‘well that sucks’.

None of them are disasters – well, not complete disasters – but you’ll be very glad they didn’t happen to you. At least, we’re assuming they didn’t happen to you …


‘When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office’



‘My mom hid my Easter basket in the oven and forgot’



‘Forgot I had a dentist appointment and didn’t have time to change. They think I am crazy in the waiting room’



‘Somebody didn’t strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken’



‘Forgot to read until the end”



‘Put both on this morning to get wife’s opinion. Forgot to change before I left and was at work all day like this’



‘Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something’



‘Their flight left 2 hours ago’



‘Spent 10 minutes looking for the drip tray for the Forman grill, after I turned it on’



‘Forgetting about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt so bad it looks like a double-chocolate brownie’




‘I forgot the Pepsi was in the back of my car, and it was – 16 Fahrenheit night before last’



My wife forgot to leave for me the carseat to take our son to the babysitter’s house. This is the picture I sent when she asked how I was going to get him there. I then turned off my phone for the next 4 hours.


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