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This old Ikea ‘product recall’ went viral all over again and it’s a classic of the genre

This old Ikea ‘product recall’ notice has just gone viral all over again for reasons which will presumably become obvious and it really is a classic of the genre.

‘Remembering that time IKEA published this product recall notice on 1st April …’ said foxystoat69 who shared it on Reddit.

‘I’m willing to bet that there was at least one in that swap box by the end of the day!’ Reznor909

‘I hope they actually had boxes where you drop it in the top and then the same one just falls out the bottom.’ unhi

‘I once got really upset with my mom and refused to eat my ham and cheese sandwhich. Why you asked ? Because she put the ham on top of the cheese like some sort of animal. She looked at me like was the dumb one. Then she flipped the sandwhich over. Order was restored.’ kingsillypants


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Source Reddit u/foxystoat69

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