Ryan Reynolds’ reaction to getting the jab was peak Ryan Reynolds

Many of the celebrities who have been given the Covid vaccination have used the occasion to encourage other people to do likewise by going very public.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a quote ready.

Kim Cattrall was clearly pleased to have had the call.

Dolly Parton even received some of the vaccine she’d helped to fund.

If you’d been asked to predict how Ryan Reynolds might react to getting the jab, you’d probably have gone with something like this.

His tongue-in-cheek swipe at those conspiracy theorists who say that the jab contains a microchip, and that 5G causes coronavirus, went viral.

Twitter clearly realised he was joking, because others making the same type of quip have found themselves suspended for spreading misinformation.

We enjoyed these responses.







One person had a warning for the Canadian star.

After some of its 5G masts were destroyed by dangerous idiots, Vodafone’s official account may not have been entirely joking when they replied with their own warning.


Arnold Schwarzenegger got his Covid jab and his payoff line didn’t disappoint

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