This Michael McKean takedown went viral because people loved it so much

Just one more reason to love Michael McKean is this takedown which just went viral on Reddit after it was shared by Redditor beerbellygone.

And it’s simply the perfect response to one of those posts suggesting no-one under a certain age will recognise something.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘Found the guy whose wife has done all the cooking for the last 20 years.’ petaflopbopper

‘This joke probably occurred to him after he found it on the counter and said what the fuck is this.’ TheThemeSongs

“Millennials are killing the bread industry!” wtgriffi

‘Ah yes, the avocado toast bubble finally collapsed.’ Nu11u5

‘I just download nutrients directly from The Cloud using my neural implant.’ beerbellybegone

To conclude …

‘Michael McKean is so frigging great.’ Douglasqqq


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone

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