This cat working on its summer body is hilarious (and very impressive)

If you only watch one funny cat video this week, then make it this one. Definitely make it this one.

‘Working on that summer body,’ said CAP_X who shared it over on Reddit.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘If it continues with this pace, it is better than the average dude doing the military physical tests.’ SGThrowawayTaken

‘Eye of the Tiger starts playing.’ knowerofexpatthings

‘Does anyone else wish you could just ask the cat what the heck he is trying to do? Lol.’ LadyHawke434

‘He’s licking/cleaning his tummy.’ rosie_cheek

‘Oh, right. That makes a lot more sense. You could never see a cat’s six pack anyway.’ daoistic


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Source Reddit u/CAP_X YouTube

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