James Blunt had some fun at Piers Morgan’s expense with this Mail front page

To Twitter – stick with us – where James Blunt spotted this Mail on Sunday front page about coronavirus vaccinations for the under-50s and thought he’d have a bit of fun with it.

‘Hmmm. Suspect someone’s been lying about their age,’ said @JamesBlunt

Except that wasn’t entirely the full picture, as you’ve already spotted.

Here’s what Morgan said later.

Separate but related, Blunt went viral at the weekend with this rather fabulous takedown of a troll who, it appears, took to Twitter to say: ‘James Blunt is a posh prick!’

We only say ‘it appears’ because it’s since been deleted, more’s the pity.

Everyone enjoyed Blunt’s reply, though.


Simply 19 very satisfying times these people’s BS was gloriously called out

Source Twitter @JamesBlunt

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