A boy kept bothering the electrician with questions so they did this and it’s brilliant

Early contender for feelgood story of the week is this firm of electricians which melted hearts everywhere by rewarding an inquisitive young assistant with a £15 ‘payslip’.

The little lad called Theo kept bothering the electricians working at his home so at the end of the job they made out this payslip complete with breakdown of ‘jobs’ – and the £15 payment, obviously.

It was shared on Facebook by Laura-Nicole Anderson on Facebook and, well, have a read for yourself.

And here’s what Laura-Nicole had to say.

‘Quite possibly the sweetest act of kindness I’ve ever seen!!!!

‘We have had the electricians in every other week for the past 6 weeks and Theo has been obsessed with them!!! He has hounded them with questions, kindness and constant offers of help!!

‘I laughed that they would be the sick of the sight of us and happy when the work was finished.

‘One of them popped over today to finish something quickly and surprised Theo with this!!!

‘His first ever job. Thank you Seytons Electrical!!! You have made Theo’s day!!’

And that breakdown in full, just in case it’s tricky to read …

Measuring of items – £1.50
Counting and adding up number of sockets – £1.50
Catering (yummy cookies) – £1.50
Excellent volunteering – £1.50
Quality assurance (Asking lots of questions) – £9

Total £15

The lovely little gesture went viral after it was shared by @SportySuz20 on Twitter …

… and here are our favourite responses.


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Source Facebook @lauranicole.anderson H/T Famous Campaigns

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