This cat’s comedy ‘elevator move’ to avoid detection is hysterical and totally adorable

Well, it’s one way of trying to avoid detection if someone spots you while you’re creeping around.

That’s right, the ‘elevator move’, one of the oldest tricks in the book, as ably demonstrated by this cat in a brilliant video which just went viral on Reddit.

‘Kitty got caught creepin’ so he totally nonchalantly ducks out with “the elevator” move,’ said Redditor haiphee.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘Even after Kitty’s eyes are below the edge of the window, he continues slow and steady until he’s completely gone. Love it!’ CandOrMD

‘Abort. ABORT!’ susq13

‘They’re onto us! Act NATURAL!’ sockless_bandit

‘My work here is done.’ demigodmode

‘But you didn’t do anything … Cat: Didn’t I?’ Erasinom

Except some people wondered who was really the one doing the creeping …

‘Cat caught creepin’ claims person videotaping through window of cat’s home.’ nygration

‘Cat caught the creeper creepin’ and was accused of being a creeper by the creep.’ whosonfirst09


This dog’s hilarious response to being caught in the act is simply fabulous

Source Reddit u/haiphee YouTube

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