This squirrel’s huge acorn stache hidden in this home went viral because, well, look at it

We’re obviously aware that squirrels like to store an acorn or three away for their winter food supply. I mean, we’ve read Beatrix Potter like everyone else.

But we had no idea quite how many they like to squirrel away, or that they would do it in the side of someone’s home.

And it appears we’re not the only ones who were surprised after this video went wildly viral because, well, have a look at this.

That’s a lot of acorns. And it prompted no end of comments, many of them feeling more than a little bit sorry for the squirrel.

‘Squirrel comes home after a long day’s work: “well, just three more days til I can finally retir—WHAT THE FUCK?!?” InflatableWarHammer

“I will never financially recover from this” Almighty_Sand_Dollar

‘That’s his retirement plan you monster!’ MacSanchez

‘Should’ve diversified his portfolio.’ NebraskaStig

Maybe the squirrel knows something we all don’t.

‘Doomsday prepper right there.’ johnfogogin


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