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People love this ‘sex noises’ complaint letter (and the response it got from their neighbour)

We’re not sure which bit of this neighbourly exchange of notes we like best.

It’s a woman who was moved to complain to her next-door neighbour because of their, er, noisy late night activities.

Maybe it’s the level of detail she felt moved to go into, maybe it’s the (very possibly sleep deprived) spelling, or maybe just because the whole thing is just so very, very polite.

It was shared on TikTok by @victoriahuneidi29 and here’s the original note.

And the response.

To: sleepy neighbour

From: loud neighbour

I apologise for the inconvenience. I will do a better job at managing my volume. Thank you for your discretion.

We’re not sure coffee was entirely the appropriate olive branch but it’s the thought that counts. Does Starbucks also do earmuffs?


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Source TikTok @victoriahuneidi29 H/T Mirror

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