The instant regret of this puppy taking medicine for the first time is horribly relatable

This video of a puppy being given medicine for the first time went viral because it’s hideously relatable.

We’re not entirely the first out of the blocks with this clip – it’s probably not a puppy anymore – but it definitely merits repeated viewing.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Wont fall for that again.’ dumpthestump

‘We used to trick my cat when she was a kitten by waiting until she meowed and then squirting the medicine in her mouth. She figured us out and even 5 years later still meows with her mouth closed when you hold her.’ manateeheehee

‘That’s all our reaction lil fella.’ cowboysrule11

‘Me too dog me too.’ sdzeeros


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Source Reddit u/ILoveLeague gfycat

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