‘Asked my neighbour to check on our cat while I’m away. He checked on more than that’

It’s always worth giving careful consideration to which neighbour you ask to look after you pet(s) while you’re away.

Experience suggests that some people will take it more seriously than others.

And then … and then, there’s this person, who takes it to a different level entirely and it’s very funny and only a tiny bit scary. But mostly just very, very funny.

‘I’m on vacation for a week and asked my neighbor to go check on our cat. He checked on more than that,’ said buckeyespud over on Reddit.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Dude took on a ton side quests before starting the story line.’ Merciless972

‘Last one was like “oh yeah here is your cat”.’ RobMBlind

‘He probably walked in his front door and went “Oh shit, the cat!” And then ran back out for the last picture.’ Ghost17088

‘I dont think he left the house.’ zaplayer20

And it gets even better.

‘I have to know. Did you receive them one by one, or all together like this? Asking for a friend …’ DatAssPaPow

‘One by one.’ buckeyespud



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Source Reddit u/buckeyespud