Simply 10 pictures that signal the End of Days

The ‘pictures of the end’ Twitter account documents those weird things that defy reasonable explanation, and must therefore signal of the approach of the Apocalypse.

We scrolled through their timeline to find some really good examples, and we think you’ll enjoy these as much as we did.

1. Make a pair filled with Lego and we might have a deal

2. Breakfast in bed

3. Tastes of clickbait and snark

4. For when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going

5. If Eddie Stobart did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

6. We don’t want to know where he’s keeping his doughnut

7. When you can’t afford an Apple Watch

8. Nobody likes a soggy bun

9. Extreme nail-biting solution


If only they came in some sort of protective outer layer – like a peel or something

This might not signal the end of days, but it was probably the last straw in someone’s day.

Go and check out the rest of their weird and wonderful pictures.


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