This ‘dog interview’ video went wildly viral because it’s funny and totally adorable

Artist, illustrator, cartoonist and all-round Twitter treasure Moose Allain is no stranger to going viral but this last video was a particular delight.

It’s a clip of his dog Nutmeg and, well, best have a watch for yourself.

And because we wondered quite how it happened, we asked Moose for a little bit of background. Here’s what he said.

‘It’s quite simple really. The sounds Nutmeg is making in the video is her saying “Can I come up and have a cuddle please?”. She tends to do this when we’ve finished a meal, and will go round to each of us making these imploring sounds until one of us crumbles and invites her up onto our lap.

‘In this case she ended up on a chair on her own. I said “She looks like we’re interviewing her” and suggested we film it. My son jumped into action, cleared the table, found us some bits of paper and pens, and filmed our impromptu interview. You can hear him unable to hold in the giggles in one or two places.

‘It was really just to entertain ourselves, because she looked so sweet, but when we played it back the video really made us laugh, so of course I thought it would go down well on social media. We were surprised just how well, but then she is adorable. She is actually a very good dog, so we’re hoping this moment of internet fame doesn’t go to her head.’

We’re sure it won’t! And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

Last word(s) to Moose.


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Source Twitter @MooseAllain

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