This scientist’s argument for universal mask mandates was the perfect covidiot takedown

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is a US science communicator who likes to put things into easily understood terms – which is just as well for most of us.

After the State of Texas unilaterally ended its coronavirus measures, including the mask mandate, he explained why it was a bad idea.

That certainly makes an argument for keeping the mandate.

We particularly enjoyed how useful the analogy was when an anti-masker used some heavily cherry-picked figures to congratulate Texas on its dangerous stance.

The post on r/MurderedByWords attracted a lot of comments, like these.


Typical projection. They have chosen NOT wearing a mask as an identity symbol and so they presume that the motivation for wearing a mask must be the same


It’s disgusting the amount of dirty looks I get while standing on the side of the pool peeing in to it. Get over your stupid partisan politics people. This is my god given right. It’s not my problem your kid is swimming in the peeing section of the pool. If you don’t want to be peed on stay home. No one is making you leave your house.


I’m doing fine recovering from surgery. I’ll just rip these stitches out two weeks early!


I hope the anti maskers are at least consistent, and ask that their surgeon and dentist not wear a mask when treating them too, ya know cause they are soooo ineffective.

In conclusion …


Why do these fuckwhits have in their heads that liberals just have the biggest boner for wearing masks? No one likes them, we just understand the reason for them and also that it’s temporary.


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