Nigel Farage is quitting elected politics and selling personalised videos

After a three-decade-long career in politics, during which he frequently criticised ‘career politicians’ and ‘the elite’, privately educated former commodities broker, Nigel Farage has announced he’s stepping back from elected political life.

There was an air of déjà vu, as the former UKIP, Brexit Party and Reform Party leader had already announced his retirement after the EU referendum – and no longer holds an elected position.

However, it was still big news, and Twitter reacted accordingly.







It wasn’t long before he revealed a new revenue stream.

In case you don’t know, Cameo is a site that allows celebrities to record personal messages for fans for a fee, so if you know someone who would like to hear Nigel Farage sing Happy Birthday or the Ode To Joy, it’s your – or their – lucky day.

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