‘Hello Traffic Warden, I want to play a game …’

Here’s a fun game to play with your local traffic warden, although let’s face it – you probably won’t be the one laughing at the end of it.

‘Hello Traffic Warden, I want to play a game …’ said Enceladuus who shared the picture over on Reddit.

Childish but funny? Or just childish, depending on your point of view. And not everyone was convinced it was going to end happily.

‘Can’t see where this could go wrong. Traffic wardens are famous for their sense of humour.’ SmingUk

‘It’s why one goes into traffic wardentry.’ LCranstonKnows

‘As the rules for most UK car parks state that the “Ticket must be clearly displayed”, this becomes a very stupid way to get a ticket.’ OldLevermonkey

‘I would ticket that motherf-cker and let them fight it. That’s the game I would play.’ iceduck


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Source Reddit u/Enceladuus

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