This cat’s ‘spa day’ has gone viral and it’s giving us squad goals

Since the pandemic started, the mental health experts have been reminding us of the importance of self-care, and what better way to do that than by enjoying a covid-safe spa day at home with *checks notes* your cat?


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♬ original sound – Kareem & Fifi

Relatable behaviour from Chase the cat, there. Nobody wants to be interrupted while they’re enjoying a bit of me-ow-time with their bff.

Kareem & Fifi’s TikTok has been liked almost nine million times in just over a day, and inevitably found its way to Twitter.

With more than eight million views in a day, it’s clear that Twitter loved it as much as TikTok, and here are a few of the many comments people have posted so far.

And the question on many minds right now …


This cat was loving the big cats on TV … until a really big one turned up

Source Kareem & Fifi Image Screengrab

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