‘A good captain goes down with the ship’ is 12 seconds very well spent

This video of a couple of dogs on a skateboard went viral on Reddit beause, well, watch.

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It was shared by Redditor NobodyListensToBoxes in the ‘Animals Being Derps’ subReddit – figures – and here are our favourites comments it prompted.

‘He knew that was going to happen he even braced for it.’ lordtweakslide

‘The ear flop right before drop 🤣’ oswords

‘Sad Titanic noises.’ monkeyhitman

‘That dog is the best pirate I have ever seen.’ Yipwop

‘He wasn’t derping.. far from it. I see him look at the trajectory and grip on. He knew he was headed off the edge and like a bad ass MF he wasn’t about to let go. Keep in mind here folks that in his lil doggy mind he would have no idea how far or how deep that cliff went. For all we know he was mentally ready to die to stay on that board. He is todays internet hero.’ IamShinichi


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Source Reddit u/NobodyListensToBoxes gfycat

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